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House is a Feeling


House is a Feeling

My love affair with music has been lifelong. Am a dedicated raver with my roots in Garage. Started my DJ journey in 2016 on the House scene.
I’m a vinyl DJ first and foremost but wherever music comes from or how it is played is secondary!

I am on a mission to share the love of music far and wide.
My debut live set was for a promo called House Party where I was a resident DJ. House Party gave me the opportunity to gain experience of playing live and I was lucky enough to play at the following events:
House Party Halloween – Shutterbug, Shoreditch
House Party Xmas Ball – 93 Feet East, Brick Lane
House Party NYE – Trapeze, Dalston

I had the honour of playing at my friend MC Chalkie Whites birthday party “51st in a State” – Broadway Members Club, Fulham

In my short time playing out I have had the privilege of being on line ups with Jumpin Jack Frost, Ratpack, Nicky Blackmarket, Alex Saviddes, Lisa Loud, Wilkie Wilkinson, Headfunk, Huck Finn to name a few.

I’ve done some radio and guested and on Lady LoveLees show on LocoLDN

I’m all about the good vybes and the people that make this all possible, the music lovers!

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